Islander Expeditions- The Inner Sea and the Heart of Penghu

The Inner Sea Penghu's Inner Sea or Nei Hai is, perhaps, its best-kept secret. So well-kept in fact, that even people who've lived here for years might wrinkle their brow in puzzlement when you mention it, despite the fact many people see it on a regular basis, whenever they look out from Rainbow Bridge towards … Continue reading Islander Expeditions- The Inner Sea and the Heart of Penghu

Something Windy This Way Comes

Actually, it's already here. Can you hear it? The incessant howling, shrieking vortex? The slamming of doors, the clatter of debris slamming against walls? The North East Wind has arrived, fellow Islanders. Winter has entered the building. Penghu doesn't mess around with lengthy segways between seasons. No gentle Autumn graces these islands, no picturesque kaleidoscope … Continue reading Something Windy This Way Comes

Islander Expeditions- The Long Ride

Good day from the Pescadores, fellow islanders, mainlanders and everything inbetweeners. Today I'm starting the first of a five part series, guiding you along five meaty expeditions through Penghu. We're going to get out hands dirty, our engines hot and our eyes saturated with sun and sea and glorious blue skies. These are the quintessential … Continue reading Islander Expeditions- The Long Ride